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People v. E.S- Our client a resident of Queens was accused of DWI and causing an accident. Case DISMISSED.

People v. T.F.- Client was accused of burglary with four others. Case Dismissed.

People v. A.G.- Brooklyn man was falsely accused of assaulting his wife and child. Case DISMISSED.

People v. C.C.- Brooklyn woman accused of assaulting her estranged husband in a bitter custody battle. Case DISMISSED.

People v. T.R. - Manhattan client and his wife accused of abusing their four children. After trial, all charges dropped, ACS case closed.

People v. E.W.- A Manhattan man was charged with assaulting his girlfriend. All charges DISMISSED

People v. M.R. - A Queens man was accused of assaulting his wife in front of their two children. All charges DISMISSED..

People v. A.L.- A Manhattan woman was charged with stalking her ex-boyfriend. ALL CHARGES DISMISSED.

People v. A.R.- A Staten Island man was charged with threatening his brother in law with a gun. NO CRIMINAL CHARGES.

R. v. R.- A Manhattan client was accused of domestic violence by his estranged wife in Family Court. NOT GUILTY after trial.

People v. C.P.- A Manhattan client was charged with assaulting his wife when they were in the middle of a nasty divorce. Found NOT GUILTY after trial.

People v. G.R. - Client was charged his second DWI DUI in a year making this case a felony. CASE DISMISSED.

People v. K.M. - Client was charged with DWI and refusing a breathalyzer. CASE DISMISSED.

People v. K.N. Queens- Client charged with striking his employee and causing serious injury. Client received ACD and all charged were dropped 6 months later.

People v. J.G.-Client was charged with aggravated DWI DUI after blowing .196 in breathelyzer. Police violated client's constitutional rights. CASE DISMISSED.

People v. A.M.- Brooklyn Man accused of sexually assaulting woman, NOT GUILTY after trial.

People v. I.G- Woman accused of bribing NYPD cop. NOT GUILTY after trial.